What makes owners of big and developing companies use remote keylogger in their offices more often.

Remote keyloggers for business

What is the most effective way of gathering any info from business rivals? Make them hire your person and wait for tons of files transferred from their office to yours.

Easier than ever, especially when it comes to huge companies where watchin everyone is hardly possible. Wily business sharks send out spies for getting data no company wants to leak.

Of course, big bosses are interested in detecting these rats and getting rid of them. This is why they had to work on the method of spying on all employees at a time without letting them know what is going on.

The smartest way out was installing one keystroke recorder to watch everyone. This is how Remote Keyloggers gained their incredible popularity. These apps helped hundreds of firms stay safe and destroy spying networks.


Remote Keylogger is a type of app that hides in computer and records every click or tap. All the data are thoroughly collected and sorted according to their size, type and date. After that they are recorded in certain log-files in virtual server.

To get access to these folders one should sign in using login and password they got together with their pack. When it comes to multiple users interface, Keyloggers create separate folders for every ‘victim’ making browsing through these files easy.


Keylogger software is multitasking. They are not only about recording key strokes, but some other secret and quite impressive abilities:

  • Message interception

It does not matter what messenger one might use, Keyloggers save every dialogue ever spoken from the PC it is installed in.

  • File interception

Every attempt of sharing files, whether it is successful or not leads to saving its copy to the server. Size or file type do not matter.

Every action performed in the chosen computer or computers are recorded too.

  • Screenshots

Keyloggers make screen shots of display and save them in users folder. You can set them to make screen shots every one, two, five or more minutes. Depending on the app and your needs.

  • Printer

Anytime users send documents to printer – Keyloggers save its copy and mark exact time.

As you can see, one can hardly make a move without making a new record. These apps stay absolutely invisible for users which makes them ideal big boss’s assistants. You might have already thought of using them not only for catching spies, but checking your regular workers too.

We pay people for work, not for surfing the net. If you suspect someone in wasting their time and your internet – installing a Keylogger is a way-out.

They give us unique opportunity to check every employee. Thus we are always sure if we got the right person. Because very often innocent people suffer in such office stories.

Become the most powerful boss for the whole history of your company. With such spy apps you will never doubt about the punishments. This apps helps getting rid of people who drag the whole team to the bottom.

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