Special software records every movement users make online without letting them know it

Control your kids when they are online

Generation gap makes parents-kids relationship difficult. It hits the roof when children reach puberty. They get completely out of control. Parents lose any contact and try to stick together again carefully step by step.

Of course, we all worry about our offspring, using all methods for staying close with them. Although at that age they need more trust, we believe more control is needed either.

Some parents do not let their kids out, or call them every ten minutes. The others follow them whenever their kids go or hire special people – detectives, for doing so.

There is third type of moms and dads. These are the smartest. They give their kids absolute freedom online and offline. No control or overprotection. Although one tiny remote keylogger software in kids gadgets reports their parents on every step they took,every message they sent.

About Keyloggers

This is a special type of apps that are installed into computers to spy on their owners.  It is wise to hide programs in the most unusual places.

These apps never display themselves staying invisible for users. Although this class of software is named ‘keystroke recorders’ their functions are much broader than recording regular key strokes.

All information it collects is fold in virtual server. Log in and feel free to get any info you want sorting log-files by date or time.


Set any period of time (for instance, 5 minutes) to make this app send desktop photos to server.

Keyloggers tap all incoming and outcoming messages no matter who and why sent them. Emails, messengers and social networks are a piece of cake.

Browser history

Even after the logs were cleaned, this smart software can how you every movement of your kids within World Wide Web. Every website they have visited or any action performed there.

File activity

It does not matter what type of file was transferred – be sure, such programs will catch them all and demonstrate  you on demand. Photos, videos or text documents are trapped in split second.

Camera and microphone records

It is clear that teenagers do not only text. They use video calls even more often. To control your kids’ Skype, Viber and calls – use Remote Keyloggers. Soon after they hang up, you will be able to watch or hear their conversations.


Teens print. And they print a lot of files. Starting from family photos and ending up with favorite songs lyrics. This tiny app makes copy of each file sent to printer.

Keyloggers give us unlimited access to private life of our children. Every time we find anything serious in their files or logs, we have enough time to think over our next step. We learn to think, calm down and then talk to our kids.

Thank t these apps we are less stressful and our families become stronger as parents do not have to fight with their little ones. They come to better understanding of ones discovering unknown before sides of their fragile souls.

Stay cool with Keyloggers controlling your kids secretly.

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