The most powerful spy software helps users check distant PCs without even touching them

Check Your Girlfriend’s Logs Without Touching Her Computer

Love means trust. But we all had those tickling situations when our suspicion kept growing together with mistrust. It is better to check once than worry for months.

This is why developers have created one unique keystroke recorders that helps users in such delicate cases. It gives us splendid opportunity to spy on other users without letting them know.

How to install

This is the hardest part of the deal. It depends on how dexterous you are and how smart is a person. Some people use old good Team Viewer and drop distributive into wanted PC installing it secretly from the owner.

The others send it via email or with some other materials they were asked for. Recipient opens up a letter and clicks the links in it. One of them installs spy software into their computer. Now you can get to the second stage.


He main functions of popular keylogger software rarely differ. Most of them are capable of:

  • Recording key strokes. Every time anyone uses a keyboard – program copies every word.
  • Making desktop screenshots. Every image is saved in special folder. You can sort them by time and date for checking any moment needed.
  • Logging browser history. Every website or social network step will be saved in journal for you. Feel free to check it.
  • Cam spying. There are apps that turn o cams and show what is going on the opposite side. Although it can be risky due to the fact that most of veb cams have flashlight which switches on together with camera. Although you can get access to camera when user turns it on himself.
  • Recording microphone sounds. Works together with cam spy.
  • Recording all incoming and outcoming messages.
  • Copying every file sent for printing.

This list is quite impressive and there is more. Each Keylogger has some extra features typical for that app only.

How does it work

As soon as a person receives such software pack and installs it, every click or tap is recorded and saved in log-file in some virtual server. For getting an access to the information you should create your account.

As soon as logged in – feel free to set up an app t your needs. It can check user’s activity every five seconds sending you photos of their desktop.

Keylogging apps does not show up. This is why they are extremely hard to notice. Chance are bigger when you know what to look for. Although those who deal with such apps know how exactly to hide them the best way possible.


Let us get back to your girlfriend. Installing spy app to her PC you do not break her trust, save your relationship and can check her activity whenever you feel she is not open with you.

Even if you were wrong there are no risks of losing her or getting in serious trouble. If you find something provocative – one screen is enough to make her stop lying.

Do not make scenes – work smart.

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