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Remote Invisible Keylogger Software for PC Tracking

Do you still think that your teenage daughter or son is a real crumblie? Do you blindly trust your child despite the fact that he does not tell you anything about his life? It is self-deception; you should check your children before it’s too late. After all, you probably have heard that an excellent student girl is addicted to drugs, or the intellectually developed graduate of a specialized school takes up with the wrong guys and commits several crimes.

Having heard such sad stories, parents may think that nothing similar is going to happen to their kids. However, in fact, everything may happen. So it’s time to find out what your child is really interested in, if there is any danger or risk for him. Therefore, if you still have some doubts about the life of your kid, you should definitely use keylogger to track what your child does on the net.

Remote keylogger software is designed for hidden monitoring of a computer and monitor user activity. The spyware can tack all keystrokes, make the necessary screen screenshots at regular intervals, and ensure that specific programs were launched/ closed. Among its regular functions, there are carrying out surveillance of the clipboard, printing on a printer, recording the addresses of sites visited, finding out at what hour the computer was turned on/ off.

All data are stored in an encrypted log file and can be accessed by the keystroke recorder administrator. The application can create a report in text or HTML-format and send it to any address via FTP or local area network. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Also, consider that it is invisible in all operating systems. The best keyloggers provide administrators with the most comprehensive reports in a way of logs. There are different methods to store these logs on the computer or to send them to a particular FTP or email.

How to Use the Application?

The tabs in the program are divided into ones for performing spying on your computer, tracking your online activity, making reports, and changing settings. The tab “spy” on a computer is divided into seven sections: keystrokes, screenshots, applications, clipboard, printers, files, and computer.

The most relevant functions here are keystrokes, screenshots, and work with applications. In the tab of Internet activity, you can see detailed information about the websites that the user visits, how long he stays on particular pages, and where he “goes” next. In the settings, you can modify the program to suit your needs, disable unnecessary features, include stealth mode, etc.

As you can see, the applications of this kind are easy to use and do not require any specific technical knowledge. So even a person with no IT diploma can download, install, and run an app on a computer with any operating system.

Spyware can be used not only for tracking kid’s activity on the net. You can also monitor what your colleagues and beloved ones do when sitting at a computer.

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